I aim to capture your day as naturally as possible by documenting what happens in front of me. So if you have a long list of very specific set up moments you want, then stop reading right now as I'm not the photographer for you. Shot lists stop me being creative and following where my natural eye takes me on your day. I trust it, and you should too! I also find they are either what I'm going to capture anyway (for example, 'confetti photos'... if you've got confetti then you'll get your confetti photos!) or things that go away from the whole vibe of 'capturing your day as naturally as I can'.

For example, if your list has on it 'a nice candid of my Aunt Bessie chatting to my cousin Delilah', then yeaahhhha, I can't promise that can I. Candids are what they say they are, nice 'n' natural in the moment moments. I can't force them to happen. Sure, if your Aunt Bessie is chatting away to lots of guests I'm sure they'll be nice candids of her in your final gallery, but if she doesn't talk to cousin Delilah, then I'm not gunna set that up. It'd just be awkward for all 3 of us and in the meantime I've missed an actual nice candid of your Uncle Dave chatting to Grandad Barry.

HOWEVER, I will require a small list of names for any 'formal' group pictures so I don't miss anyone. Formal family, friends and your couples photos are a part of your day that I do have a little more input in. I don't do anything too posed, but in order to get nice natural looking images, a certain amount of direction is required, or you would just be standing there not knowing what to do! Trust me, I have some tricks up my sleeve and you'll love the results. 

My Style

Now, being your photographer means that you will be spending a lot of time with me on one of the most notable days of your life. So you gotta like me. We need to 'click'. It will make the whole experience much better, for the both of us! So to give you an idea if we will get on, are you:

- Laid back and just want the day captured naturally and as it happens? (As explained with my style above!)

- Prepared to embrace the weather, whatever that may be? (I always have a clear umbrella in my car!)

- Not too worried about your dress getting dirty? (PSA, it will, regardless. You only wear it once, so just enjoy the day!)

- All loved up? (After all, you're getting marrieeed!)

If the above sounds like a bit of you, then I might just be the photographer you're looking for...

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Would we be a good fit?